Archivematica 1.9.3 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Using ArchivesSpace with Archivematica

Archivematica 1.9 has been tested with and is recommended for use with the latest version of ArchivesSpace.

For more information about ArchivesSpace, see the ArchivesSpace website.

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Connecting Archivematica and ArchivesSpace

Before users begin uploading data to ArchivesSpace from Archivematica, you must fill in the ArchivesSpace DIP upload settings in the administration tab.

See ArchivesSpace DIP upload for more information.

Sending material to ArchivesSpace

There are two primary methods of using ArchivesSpace and Archivematica together: using the matching GUI on the Appraisal tab or using the DIP upload option on the Ingest tab.

Matching objects to ArchivesSpace resources on the Appraisal tab

The ArchivesSpace pane in the Appraisal tab allows users to retrieve a list of resources that have been created in an ArchivesSpace repository and match them to digital objects in Archivematica. This information is then sent to ArchivesSpace when you upload a DIP to ArchivesSpace.

See ArchivesSpace resources for more information.

Uploading to ArchivesSpace using DIP upload

DIP objects can be uploaded to ArchivesSpace without making use of the Appraisal tab matching GUI, described above. Instead, users can select Upload DIP to ArchivesSpace during the Upload DIP job in the Ingest tab.

See Upload DIP to ArchivesSpace for more information.

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