Archivematica 1.15.1 is our latest release.

Using DuraCloud with Archivematica

DuraCloud is a hosted cloud storage platform from DuraSpace. For more information about DuraCloud, please see the DuraCloud documentation.

Setting up the DuraCloud integration requires configuration of Archivematica’s Storage Service. It is recommended that you read the Storage Service documentation before configuring DuraCloud.

This guide can be used by those who wish to install Archivematica and/or DuraCloud locally and run the systems themselves and may also be helpful for those who subscribe to a hosted service.

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Configure DuraCloud

Your DuraCloud instance must have at least two users:

  • A Client user who has read permissions for the AIP storage and DIP storage locations.
  • An Archivematica user who has read/write permissions for the AIP storage, DIP storage, and transfer backlog locations.

DuraCloud can be used as a storage space for the following purposes within Archivematica:

  • AIP storage: A DuraCloud space where completed AIPs are placed for long-term storage.
  • DIP storage: A DuraCloud space where DIPs can be stored. Note that it is not necessary to store DIPs if you are sending them directly to an access system.
  • Transfer backlog: A DuraCloud space used by Archivematica for material sent to the backlog during processing.

You can use one DuraCloud space for multiple purposes (e.g. one DuraCloud space could be used as both the AIP storage and transfer backlog), but we recommend managing these package types separately by creating DuraCloud spaces that are dedicated to the space’s purpose. You do not have to create a space for all of these purposes, just those relevant your particular configuration. For AIP storage and DIP storage you can create multiple locations within DuraCloud.

To add a space in DuraCloud, log in with administrator credentials and click on Add Space. You can give the space whatever name you wish.

Configure the Archivematica Storage Service

The Archivematica Storage Service was installed when you installed Archivematica.

  1. In the Storage Service’s Spaces tab, click Create new space and fill out the form following the instructions in the DuraCloud Storage Service documentation.
  2. You must create a space for each storage location that you have created in DuraCloud. For example, if you have AIP storage and DIP storage locations in DuraCloud, you should create two spaces by repeating the instructions in Step 1.
  3. In the Storage Service, navigate to the Spaces tab. You should see all of the DuraCloud spaces that you created in Steps 1 and 2.
  4. For each space, you need to create a corresponding location. Click on Create Location here to create a storage location and enter the following information:
    • Purpose: The purpose of the space (AIP storage, DIP storage, or transfer backlog.)
    • Pipeline: Click on the pipeline name so that it is highlighted.
    • Relative path: The name of the space exactly as it appears in DuraCloud (e.g. aip-store.)
    • Description: A human-readable description of the location. This will be used in the Archivematica interface when you are choosing a AIP or DIP storage location.
    • Quota: This field is optional.
    • Enabled: Check this box to make the location available to the Archivematica pipeline.
    • Set as global default location for its purpose: Check this box if you would like this to be the default AIP or DIP storage location.
    • Replicators: The DuraCloud integration has not been tested with replication.


When you are configuring the location, you must enter the name of the space exactly as it appears in the DuraCloud user interface. Please ensure that the relative path does not include a leading slash.

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