Archivematica 1.15.1 is an old release, and the documentation is in maintenance mode.

Using AtoM 2.x with Archivematica

Archivematica 1.15 has been tested with and is recommended for use with the latest version of AtoM. AtoM version 2.2 or higher is required if you wish to use the hierarchical DIP functionality.

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Install AtoM

Installation instructions for AtoM 2 are available in the documentation. When following those instructions, it is best to download AtoM from the git repository (rather than use one of the supplied tarballs).

You must enable the SWORD plugin (qtSwordPlugin) and the REST API (arRestApiPlugin) from the AtoM plugins menu.

Configure DIP upload

Once you have a working AtoM installation, enter the appropriate credentials and information on Archivematica’s Administration tab. See AtoM DIP upload for more information about the fields and their values.

Next, configure the connection between the two systems:

  1. Confirm atom-worker is configured on the AtoM server by copying the atom-worker.conf file from AtoM source to /etc/init/.
  2. Make sure that the SWORD plugin and AtoM REST API are enabled on the AtoM plugins menu.
    1. If you are running AtoM 2.1 or lower, enable job scheduling in the AtoM settings page. In later versions of AtoM, this is enabled by default.
  3. Confirm that gearman is installed on the AtoM server, as per the AtoM installation documentation.
  4. Configure SSH keys to allow rsync to work for the Archivematica user, from the Archivematica server to the AtoM server.
  5. Restart gearman on the AtoM server.
  6. Restart the AtoM worker on the AtoM server.

User instructions

Instructions on how to upload a DIP to AtoM can be found in the User Manual section Upload a DIP to AtoM.

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