Archivematica 1.13.2 is a legacy release, and these documents are no longer being maintained.

Using Binder with Archivematica

Archivematica 1.13 has been tested with and is recommended for use with the latest version of Binder.

Binder is still very much an experimental application. There are very few production installations in use today. For more information about the status of the Binder project, please see the Binder documentation and the Binder GitHub repository.

On this page

Install Binder

The Binder GitHub repository includes installation instructions for Binder.

Configure DIP upload to Binder

The Binder GitHub repository includes configuration instructions for Binder.

You must also configure Binder within Archivematica by entering the appropriate credentials and information on the Administration tab. See AtoM/Binder DIP upload for more information.

User instructions

Instructions on how to upload a DIP to Binder can be found in the User Manual section Upload a DIP to Binder.

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